Powerhouse Retail Services Informational Material

Powerhouse Retail Services: One Stop for all Retail Solutions

The Powerhouse Retail Services is a private company started over 14 years ago. The company deals in various retail services and is becoming one of the prominent business houses in this industry.

The Powerhouse Retail Services attempts to deliver their projects with utmost honesty and competence. One of the major services offered by the company, Roll-Out services is one of them. The skilled employees of the company are capable of handling all kinds of newly launched products, publicize them and plan their smooth business. The experienced consultants and agents of the company are capable of carrying out a project from its initial stages till the last. Among the roll-out projects handled by the Powerhouse Retail Services are the Fortune 50 retail chains and nationwide projects to distribute kiosk. The company is insured and performs various construction jobs across the nation. The skilled workers can handle anything from tenant improvement to refreshing initiatives to remodelling and renovating construction projects. The Powerhouse Retail Services are endowed with sufficient infrastructure and expert installers across the nation to handle a project related to various interior or exterior fixtures and graphics. The Powerhouse team members can handle graphic application for the ATM machines to layouts for large scale roll-out stores. The graphic services offered by the company include glass showrooms, designing storefronts, kiosk rebranding. National graphics rollouts, interior signage packages, graphic packages and the likes. Moreover, the company is deft in handling various project related to fixtures under any environment. The fixture services include installation of fixtures for a new store, steel fixtures and gondolas, national store fixture rollouts, checkout stands, interior and exterior installations, warehouse racks and glass showcases.

The Powerhouse Retail Services offers their expert services to various green programs and projects undertaken by their clients across the nation. The agents of the company can prepare and execute various programs to maximise the ROI for their clients. In order to keep up with the latest trends and provide better services, the Powerhouse Retail Services have upgraded their technological front. The green projects handled by the company include energy management programs and auditing, LED installations and retrofit projects with lighting installations, installation of eco-friendly solar panels, water conservation programs, installation of motion detector timers and various rebate programs. The green projects taken up by the company ensure a decrease in operational and maintenance costs, improved environment and maximised ROI.

The Powerhouse Retail Services also deal with various municipalities and agencies to handle their licencing and permits within the United States. The company handles the paperwork and other requirements for various cities, county and federal licencing or patenting as well as ADA requirements. The lighting services provided by the Powerhouse Retail Services are spread nationwide and offer 24 hour services. They handle both exterior and interior lighting, installations and retrofit, maintenance and inspection jobs, conducting various lighting surveys required by their clients, cleaning and group re-lamping. The company further provides maintenance services like interior or exterior painting, masonry, welding or fencing gates, roof maintenance, repairing and the likes to their clients across the USA.

The Powerhouse Retail Services has the expertise to handle projects from their planning state till their execution with their customised solutions and services. The project management areas of the company include project planning, development, budget and cost management, project administration, project conclusion and review. The refreshing and remodelling services offered by the company are executed by the experienced contractors and employees across the national network. The areas refresh and repairing expertise include painting, carpentry, floor installation, concrete work, plumbing, welding and fencing of gates and the likes. The signage in retailing is of primary importance since it directly affects the publicity of a company.  The Powerhouse Retail Services offer their services for signage installations and maintenance for proper promotion of their clients. There is a team of signage experts and electricians who offer 24 hour services like repairing, rebranding rollouts and scheduled maintenances. The company has enough manpower to conduct surveys and auditing projects to any business houses in the nation.

The Powerhouse Retail Services deals in some of the best known brands in the country. Initially, started on a small scale, the company has emerged as one of the leading figures in the retail service sector offering expert solutions to companies across the United States.